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An authentic Verdejo, fermented in stainless-steel vats and matured on fine lees for several months. Fresh and aromatic, it has bright mineral and white flower notes. The production process makes it full and round, while still preserving its acidity.
  • Variety

    100% VERDEJO
    One of the greatest Spanish white grape varieties, typical from the RUEDA appellation. It provides richness, length and fruity peach and apricot aromas; this variety has a strong phenolic expression; Verdejo is a late variety which is picked when the skins get brown, generally one month after Sauvignon (in early October vs. early September).

  • Location

    Town of Villafranca de Duero. Our vineyard is located between 600 and 700 metres of altitude on the plateau of Rueda and Toro appellations. The Duero river nearby
    has an attenuating effect on thermal variations which are quite large in this region.

  • Tasting notes

    Pale yellow colour, green lights. Bright and clear. Intense, fresh nose with
    notes of cut hay and fruits. On the palate the wine is rounded, soft and viscous. Again there are flavours of white-fleshed fruits, fennel with dried
    fruit notes which come from the ageing on its lees.

  • The Vintage

    A lovely harvest in Rueda in terms of quality and quantity, (especially in Castille), thanks to favourable weather conditions. A mild spring with odd showers, followed by a hot summer with cool nights, typical of the Rueda plateau, enabled us to maintain the good health of our vines, consistent acidity and progressive growth. Thanks to an Indian summer, with just a little rain at the end of summer, beginning of autumn, we were able to pick the grapes when fully ripe and with good balance. The first Sauvignon Blancs were picked as from September 14 and thanks to good weather conditions, we were able to pick the Verdejo grapes a little later as from the 1st of October. The wines are more on the palate compared to last vintage, showing volume and their typical freshness.

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